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where you can invite satisfied homeowners to promote your best remodeling work.

Infinitely more impactful than a traditional jobsite radius mailing, think of it as a virtual open house that's open all the time, providing prospective customers with the best marketing there is: positive word-of-mouth from their neighbors.

Customers access your interactive project pages by sending a simple text message. With text message marketing, they don't have to write down your website URL or remember to go online later to see the projects you want to show off. They can respond immediately, when interest levels and curiosity are highest.

For more details as to how this all works, click here . Pricing is simple and easy, and is a set fee per month.   There's no obligation, so you can cancel or re-join at any time.

154 Million Americans Send & Receive Text Messages Every Day

...and people now text more than they talk with their cell phones. Your primary target age group (according to Professional Remodeler magazine), those homeowners that are between 35 and 44, send 236 texts and make 223 phone calls each month.
[Source: Nielsen Mobile, Q3 2008]

You may also be surprised to know that the median age of a text message user is 38 years old. Text messaging is a quick and easy way for people to communicate, and an extremely effective way for you to attract highly qualified prospects in the proximity of your completed jobs.

45 Million Americans Walk After Work 3x A Week

And when those curious passers-by send a text to your RemodelerBuzz sign rider, they can view a mobile web version of your project page. They get a few project photos and a short endorsement from the homeowner, you get a highly interested potential customer.

Give the demo below a try. Just send a new text message (SMS) to 59138, with the message "MAXWELL" (our project is on Maxwell Dr.). *Msg & Data rates may apply.

Send a text containing "MAXWELL" to the number 59138 for a demo.